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Elm Dining or Centre Table - Sold

This dining or centre table is fashioned from the hollowed trunk of an ancient English elm tree. The English elm dominated the landscape of England until the 1960’s when disease ravaged the genus across Europe and North America. The most recent epidemic in the UK took hold around the early 1970’s leading to the death of some 20 million mature elms by the early 1980’s. English elm continues to be very rare as the genus struggles to re-establish itself in the face of mutations of various elm diseases. The result is that elm is highly prized, particularly in its original form.

The section of elm trunk comprising the support of the table was acquired in the antiques trade, its former use probably being as a grain store. Elm is valued for its interlocking grain, density and consequent resistance to splitting.

The tabletop was conceived to enhance appreciation and enjoyment of this rare piece of wood, darkened by age. The glass is rimmed with a solid edge having burr elm veneer.  

The illustrated table has sold, but the workshop retains the remaining section of elm trunk. A similar table can be fashioned with a top to suit requirements.

The example shown here measures:
Diameter: 1830 mm (72 in)
Height: 730 mm (28 ¾ in)

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Elm Dining or Centre Table

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