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Figured elm low tables

This stunning pair of coffee tables influenced by the work of George Nakashima in the Wabi-Sabi style and made using two beautiful boards of English Elm.

George Nakashima used stunning pieces of timber and included the natural beauty of the timber with all its idiosyncrasies using butterfly inserts to enhance and strengthen.  George Nakashima (1905-1990) was a master of Wabi-Sabi furniture, the core belief of which finds beauty in imperfection.

He made furniture which toyed with the imperfect, working around knot holes, splits and fissures rather than discarding boards as so many workshops do today. Western design forces on us straight lines, symmetry and perfection almost disregarding the natural beauty of the material. 

I knew the tree that these planks came from as a boy and it was the most amazing specimen, sadly killed by Dutch Elm. It’s satisfying to see it now in a new life.

Length 910mm (36ins)
Width 400mm (16ins)
Height 350mm (13.75ins)

Price £1970.00 the pair Ex Shipping

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Figured elm low tables

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