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Laburnam oval dining or centre table

This table combines unique and rare parts. The oval top is made from laburnum, which is rarely found in large enough sections to make the veneers used for this table. The timber has a distinctive grain which here is simply enhanced with a linseed oil finish.

The top is supported by a hollow trunk of an ancient English elm tree. Elm is valued for its interlocking grain, density and consequent resistance to splitting – characteristics which lent it to hollowing for grain storage. This ancient section was purchased in the antiques trade and the colour has deepened with age.

The toughened glass oval insert in the top is designed to enhance appreciation and enjoyment of this rare piece of wood. The top is supported by a removable steel frame, enabling the table to be moved in two parts.

Length: 2440mm

Depth: 1530mm
Height: 750mm

Price: £6,800

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Laburnam oval dining or centre table

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