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We were asked by a London client to make a table for an exclusive private house. The client wanted something large and impressive.

All work had to be done by hand as our machinery was not big enough to cope with them. The nature of such large timber and especially walnut, which is getting increasingly hard to find, meant that we had to make use of boards that had many faults. We had to deal with splits, spalting and a wild waney edge. This was done with the use of dovetails keys, a technique used by George Nakashima to stabilise cracks and fissures. It works brilliantly and adds tremendous character. The waney edge was cleaned up and kept as much as possible to give the look the client wanted.

Two large sections of Perspex form the end uprights and they are united by a brass rail which we hand patinated to give a deep patinated bronze effect. Delivery was a challenge as it was in a basement room down a spiral staircase, but the table looked stunning and the client was delighted.


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Walnut Dining table.

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